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Monday Deployment

Daniel Nethersole
6 months ago


- You can now set times which to not accept bookings, for example, disable ALL bookings from 6 PM through to 9 PM tonight.
- Booking time overrides section is simplified and made to look better in mobile UI.
- Added ability for a forced closure to span multiple days while also having a start & endpoint of time.
- Upped the autorefresh rate of booking listings from 15 minutes to 2 minutes for paid plan holders.
- Sessions can now be linked to directly, and the widget code has been updated to allow limiting to session
- You can now set a deposit type as required (for example at least 1 adult is required)

Booking Time States
We've added helpful indicators for bookings in terms of if they are late, overstaying or how long left their booking has.


- Fixed the table chain functionality not working for some users
- Added more unit testing for fringe cases