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Email Deliverablity Improvements & Visual Refresh

Daniel Nethersole
9 months ago

We've spent the last day and a bit working on improving our email deliverability rates. In the world of sending out emails, there are countless things that can get in the way (spam blockers, domain issues and plenty more). So in turn to try to improve our email deliverability rate for emails such as the email confirmations & booking notifications we've pretty much fine-tuned every system and invested in better email delivery infrastructure.

In turn, this means we're are now tracking around 99.8% successful email delivery (and a large part of the last 0.2% is people just not using a valid email address). This will mean you'll have fewer people contacting you wondering if their booking has been confirmed. We've also used this time to spruce up the email confirmation - have a look at the new look below!